What I did on on my holidays #3

Dropping in on the Tates.

While in London I visited both the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern. The highlight of the Tate Britain for me was the Turner Collection. What can I say? I spent several hours in rooms full of Turner paintings.

Looking at Turners


The drawcard at the Tate Modern was the exhibition of modernist photography from the collection of Sir Elton John. Either Sir Elton has a fantastic eye or he has been very well advised, probably both. This was a major highlight of the trip, so many iconic images I have been seeing in books and online all my photography life; Brassai, Dorothea Lange, Kertesz, Rodchenko, Man Ray to name but a few.

Spending some time sitting in a quiet room of Rothko paintings wasn’t bad either.

Inside the Tate Britain

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