Well, Kiss my Pressure Cooker

“…go kiss my pressure cooker in the evening!”

What is this? I was extremely puzzled to read this early today. My friend and colleague the Labcoatman, suggested that it might be a koan. And there is some merit in that, it certainly has aspects that defy conventional understanding.

I was concerned that maybe this was a French euphemism for some strange practice, and I was hesitant to ask.

But no, it was a Google translation of a comment in French at my favourite photography site, Ipernity.

Another friend, colleague, Ipernity member and more importantly Frenchman, Benoit, tells me that a more correct translation into English would be:

“Well, kisses of the evening my love”

But I prefer “go kiss my pressure cooker in the evening!”. So much more romantic.

And don’t believe every translation you get from the interwebs.

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