Unintentional Flashing

As I have previously mentioned, we have just moved into a new house. When we did the initial condition inspection, we noticed a few things that weren’t on the condition report. I thought I would be clever and photograph the defects so I could email them to the renting agent.

As the folks who have been trying to keep up with my ramblings know, I have been trying to learn the skills of using a speedlight (flash) as an off-camera light source. In some circles, this is called ‘Strobism‘. There are some people who have mastered this arcane art and who produce stunning work as a result. David Tejada, and Mr Strobist, David Hobby are two of my heroes.

As a result of all this Strobism, I hadn’t used the Canon 580 EX II on the camera for a little while.  I got it out, dusted it off and put in on the trusty 5D and started photographing.

All went well for a few minutes, until I moved to take the second shot. The flash started firing constantly when I put pressure on the shutter button. I quickly turned everything off, took the flash off the camera and began to check settings and connections. All seemed OK so I continued.

After a couple of shots, it happened again. More inspection, more testing and back to shooting. And it happened again.

Then I realised it was only happening when I shifted the camera from horizontal to vertical.

And a little while later I realised I was pressing the ‘Test’ button with my nose.

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  1. Jason September 17, 2009 at 2:01 pm #

    That is rather hilarious. You need to beware of your nose doing ‘testing’ 🙂

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