Summer Floods and The Media

Australia has been experiencing the worst floods on record and this has been occurring over vast areas and in several states.

By far the worst hit has been Queensland where whole towns have been washed away and large areas of the capital city of Brisbane have been metres under water. The media has done a good job of reporting on these catastrophic events but…

Here in my state of Victoria we are now experiencing serious flooding in a number of country districts. A number of country towns are under water and others have been evacuated. Just about all roads to the north and west of Melbourne are cut, severely restricting movement and the ability of help to get to where it is needed.

The local media (such as it is) is not doing much of a job reporting on these issues. Most of our media is nationally owned and is still concentrating on the Queensland disaster. It is difficult to find out where floods are rising, where waters are falling and what roads are open and which ones are closed.

News sources are failing badly here, except one. By far the best source of local flood and traffic information is the Victoria Police twitter feed (VictoriaPolice). Excellent work guys!

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