In the Footsteps of a Hero

One of my early photographic heroes was Melbourne photographer Mark Strizic. Mark documented the changing face of Melbourne in the 1950s and 1960s as it moved from ‘Marvelous to Modern’ A number of these images were eventually collected into a book.

Mark’s graphic black and white photos and his technique of shooting toward the sun inspired my love of urban landscapes. Many times over the years I have tried and failed to produce that strong, contrasty, graphic look. It is a hard technique to pull off. Buildings create glare, lenses create flare and aiming any where near the angle of the sun blows out highlights and gives you a dynamic range the camera just shrieks at.

Last week, in Duckboard Place, Melbourne, I produced my best attempt at this yet. Hey Mark, I’m still trying.

Walking up Duckboard Place

Larger at ipernity.

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  1. s2art March 26, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    Rob, many photographic technologies have changed since the 50 and 60’s. Todays lenses are far superior to the sometimes uncoated equivalents of yester year. Emulsions too have continued to improve, yet CCDs are trickier to work with than slide film, go figure? The only way to replicate Mr Strizic’s look is to use the equipment of that era, plenty of it to be had at bargain prices too. Then make your prints look the way you want on your own darkroom.

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