Family Fotos #3

Another scan from one of my grandfather’s negatives. Two Australian soldiers of 2nd Field Company in Egypt, 1915.

My grandfather, Gordon Cone, is on the right. My grandfather and his three mates from Traralgon (see Family Fotos #2), enlisted as drivers in 2nd Field Company AIF. This involved managing the horse teams used for carrying munitions and supplies.

Prior to signing up in 1914, my grandfather was a member of the Victorian Light Horse and was an experienced horseman. I have no proof, but family history has it that the men took their own horses with them when they travelled to Egypt. I have a photo of horses being loaded onto the troop ship by crane, but nothing to suggest that they took their own horses.

In this photo and several others, the horses are shown with a leather or cloth fringe protecting their eyes from flies and sand.

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  1. Darell Blewett April 15, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    Dear Robert,

    I was interested in the photo of the three aussie soldiers riding the mule and the mention of George Pentland.

    I currently compiling a history of Traralgon South and District. My records seem to indicate the George Pentland was either from Traralgon South and/or his family originally were. There were certianly Pentland’s living there in the late 1890’s.


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