Dungeon Crawl Christmas Singing Extravaganza!

The first Wednesday in December was the last of Shaolin Punk’s Dungeon Crawl shows for 2013. I had missed a couple while I was overseas (did I mention I went to Greenland?) so I was looking forward to the Christmas special, and it was a lot of fun to photograph. And there was singing.

Ben McKenzie and Richard McKenzie took Nadia Collins, Sean Fabri, Michelle Nussey and Andy McClelland on a singing adventure to find the thief Tiny Peddler. An innocent puppy was killed, a dragon sang, rather reluctantly, an adventurer was tragically killed and a long lost identical twin sister was found, just in time for the happy ending. Except for the adventurer who got killed.

Richard explains the finer points of the plot to BenNadia CollinsSean FabriMichelle NusseyAndy McClellandThe king recruits the adventurersThe whole cast, plus singing dragonWho killed the cute little puppy?The adventurers find the thief, Tiny PeddlerThe death scene, with singing and raw emotionThey all lived happily ever after

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