Vanishing act

During the September 2011 trip to Iceland, I visited a small town on the south coast of Iceland: Eyrarbakki. I was looking for a cafe I had been told served the best lobster soup in the area. It was a rainy afternoon, and the town was very quiet, and just about everything was closed, including the cafe. In Iceland out of season you soon learn the word: Lokkad.

While I was driving around the town (it didn’t take long) I came across the (closed) Bakkabrim organic cafe. It appeared to be a plywood shack built in the middle of a disused car park near a small pier.

It looked fantastic in the watery light between rain showers. I managed a couple of quick shots of it before the rain drove me back into the car.

I went back in 2013 to photograph it again, but alas it was gone, there was just a disused car park near a small pier.

Bakkabrim organic cafe, Eyrarbakki, Iceland: Lokkad.

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