Tales from Venice #1

A Room Without a View

For our recent Venice holiday, instead of staying in a hotel, we booked an apartment for the 2 weeks we were there. After much searching on the Interwebs we decided we liked the look of Ca Rina in the Dorsoduro district. It was anything but bland, dull and boring like some modern apartments. We thought it would be fun, and it was.

Having had some experience with real estate photography I was expecting that the photos on the web site would turn out to have been very ‘flattering’ to the size of rooms. In fact I was expecting the bedroom to be a small shoebox with pillows.

We were very pleasantly surprised, not only was the room not as small as I expected, it was actually a little larger than the photo led us to believe. It still wasn’t a roomy room, but at least we could move about in it without bumping the walls, though walking past each other was a little tricky.

The whole apartment was decorated in rich colours with the best of the flamboyant flourishes saved for the bedroom. The photo doesn’t do justice to the richness of the colours with the deep reds and the gold trim.

And best of all was that cheeky little putto hanging above the pillows.

The Guardian Putto

One very odd thing about the bedroom had us puzzled, but it took a while to work out what it was. We eventually worked out what was bothering us. The bedroom was upstairs, but it wasn’t above the single downstairs room, the lounge room was. We never did find out what was under the bedroom. Heard the odd noise and an occasional waft of music, but never sighted anyone.

For the technically minded, the photos were hand-held at 1600 ISO.

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