Road Trip

Just got back from a road trip to the Flinders Ranges, Wilpena Pound, Arkaroola and Marree in the north of South Australia.

I hadn’t been up that way before and I was very pleasantly surprised by the variation in the landscape, the vegetation, the colours and the light, much much more interesting than I was expecting. I might not have to go to Iceland for the wilderness experience after all.

Stayed at Rawnsley Park Station, Blinman, Arkaroola, Marree and the Wilpena Pound centre, even had lunch at the William Creek pub.

Arkaroola was a highlight, the landscape, colours and history makes this a great place to visit. And a return visit is definitely going to happen.

But, after spending 13 days in the outback, I still don’t get this 4WD thing. The beasts were everywhere, but I don’t understand why. You can go anywhere you want in a normal car. And a Cessna.

The Outback Runabout at William Creek

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