It’s Dungeon Crawl time again!

The first Dungeon Crawl for 2012 kicked off with a duck-handled umbrella of evil, a bat and the Valkyrie Courier Service.

Geraldine Quinn

Twinkletoes the Elf Lord had been given Brian, the duck-handled umbrella of evil by mistake and he asked three adventurers to return it from whence it came – Mount Target.

Qualdo the obese Eunuch (Sean Fabri) and Gnome Chomsky, the intellectual anarchist gnome with less than no charisma (Nadia Collins) then got into a van driven by Weibke Llarssonssonsson, the Valkyrie courier (Geraldine Quinn) and set off on the quest.

There were magic puzzles that weren’t and a bat, the problem of returning or exchanging Brian without a receipt, an ogre who wanted a degree to hang on the wall and a very obtuse guardian of the Returns counter and…

Guys, I just take the photos, I don’t have a clue what is happening most of the time. All I know is that it had a happy ending when Weibke finally received a petrol voucher so she wasn’t out of pocket on the quest.

If you want to understand it, come along. You will laugh, you will cry but mostly you will laugh and have a great time. And there is a bar at the Bella Union too.

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