How’s that Dungeon Crawl thing going?

I’m glad you asked.

So far there have been two Dungeon Crawl shows for 2014 and the third is not far away.

The sad news is that Ben and Richard have decided to call it a day on the regular monthly outing and it will come to an end mid-year. Though the team say there will be the occasional appearance from time to time.

In February Ben and Richard took Karen Pickering, Nick Caddaye, Andi Snelling and Xavier Michelidies on a trip through the world of Joss Wheadon, wherever that is.

Karen played a 1000 year old vengeance demon disguised as a high school student, Nick was the calm and knowledgeable mentor with a dark past, Andi was a doll who could be reprogrammed, and made appearances as a ninja librarian and a goose pilot, and Xavier was the nerdy one.

The highlight of the evening was the emotional return of a zombie Wash, who eventually got his own spin-off series.

I have no idea what any of that meant, though the audience seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I just took the pictures.

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