Doing Publicity for Dungeon Crawl

As regular readers will know, I have become a fan of Dungeon Crawl. Partly because it is a lot of fun, partly because I get to take some fun photographs. Recently Ben McKenzie asked me to do some new shots that could be used for publicity.

Ben and Richard discuss the rules

The brief was to take some straight headshots of Richard (who plays all the truly evil characters) and then some action shots of Richard and Ben that could be used for publicity. I say ‘action, but we were restricted in space and format, so the heads needed to be tight.

The set up was two umbrellas with flashes firing through them. For the Richard headshots I placed them in the traditional clamshell position (one above the other) with the bottom one on a lower power setting.

For the group shots (well, a small group), the umbrellas were moved out to the sides to provide an even light across the characters.

A third flash was fired at the white background.

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  1. Andrew November 6, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    Great set Robert.

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