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By the Light…

As anyone who has been following my photography on Flickr and Ipernity would know, empty early morning streets is a theme I return to often.

Part of the reason is that I walk through the city on my way to work; usually sometime around 7.30 am. This gives me a good opportunity for photography.

I also like the low, yellowish, directional light that fills the streets at certain times of the year.

I have just added a new gallery to the Photography page. It features photographs taken in North Melbourne on two mornings in March.

North Melbourne, Early Morning.

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Venice – The Exhibition

At last! The much-delayed Venice exhibition is now open. The 10 images depict life in Venice along the back canals where people live and work. This aspect of Venice fascinated me much more than the big-ticket tourist attractions.

A gallery of the images in the exhibition is here.

The exhibition is at:

Breizoz, 139 Nelson Place, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.

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What I Did on My Holidays

In April 2009, we visited Venice for two weeks. It is a beautiful city and one that is well worth the time to walk around it and explore the parts of the city that tourists don’t get to see in the average 2-3 day visit.

I have posted a gallery of Venice images that clearly show how I felt about that marvellous city.

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An Exhibition…

Eight images from my Horsham series of photographs are now on display at the Breizoz Creperie at 139 Nelson Place, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.

I took these images in the wheat country around Horsham in northern Victoria in early 2008. They show the results of a number of dry seasons on the landscape.

The images were printed on my very own Epson Stylus Photo 2100 and framed by Altona Picture Framing.


The Horsham Collection

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A Brief Moment of Fame

I am very pleased and flattered to be one of three Melbourne photographers featured in the current issue of Altfotonet magazine, a magazine of lens-based fine art.


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My First Digital Exhibition

The Seddon Deadly Sins cafe in Victoria Street, Seddon (a suburb of Melbourne), Victoria, Australia is hosting a small exhibition of my images.

This is my first exhibition of digital prints, and I am a bit pleased with it all. After a lot of learning and fussing (and ear bashing various friends), I was confident enough to print the images myself on the aging Epson Stylus Photo 2100 using Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk A3+ paper.

The images focus on unintentional art; that is the shapes, patterns and colours that are formed when bits of building, fittings, damage, graffiti and the light combine to create art. The beauty of this art is that it is unexpected and constantly changing as the light, time of day and entropy all work to keep it evolving.

And I have even managed to sell one.