Cameras in the Cupboard #1

Let me be clear about this. I am not a collector. I just happen to have one or two cameras that aren’t currently being used. So, OK, maybe more than one or two.

Most of these have just turned up over the years, family members have handed over a few because they know I like cameras and stuff. Some I have owned and kept when they were no longer used. Unfortunately, some of the ones I wished I still had were traded in when I upgraded. More about those in later posts in this series.

Some I have been fascinated with and bought. The first camera in this series is my most recent purchase: a 1936 Kodak Bullet.

This simple little camera is made of Bakelite and  features Art Deco design. The range finder is two shaped pieces of metal that fold flat and the shutter is a simple lever.

What made this one especially interesting to me is that it was made in Canada. The reason being at the time Canada was a part of the British Commonwealth and the camera could be imported into Australia without the duties imposed on cameras made in the USA.

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