RW Young

Robert Young

That’s me.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and I have been doing this photography stuff for about 39 years now. I have worked briefly as a wedding photographer and have done my time in a commercial photographic darkroom. In the  1970s, I hand-printed colour and black and white photographs and worked as a wedding photographer for Ian Hawthorne . Ian was a highly respected Geelong photographer during the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

In 1982 I discovered computers and, with Tim Hartnell, ended up writing for and about computers and their uses.

These days I am still working as a business analyst and writing consultant for various organisations in Melbourne, but mostly I am working at photography.

As well as the landscapes and urban images, I also take corporate headshots and particularly portraits of up and coming performers in and around Melbourne. For fun I photograph Ben McKenzies Dungeon Crawl shows.